Locally owned, one man Handyman. Here to help you with home improvement. A Man Around the House serves the Eastside.

“No Job too small.”



Minor to major repairs of almost anything


Minor to major remodeling projects in any room in your home.

Interior wall design and framing, drywall repairs and texture matching, drywall replacement/installation to level 5 finish quality (no texture required), all types of finish carpentry, tile setting, all types of flooring except carpet and unfinished hardwoods.

Painting Services

Professional brush/roller/sprayer painting and staining. Professional cut-ins at junction of different colors.


Minor to moderate plumbing repairs and replacement, including anything under the sink, faucet replacement, dishwasher and garbage disposal replacement, toilet repair and replacement, shower/tub enclosure replacement, including relocating copper pipe and replacing mixing valve.


Minor to moderate electrical work, including replacing light fixtures, switches and outlets.


Shed/deck/fence design and building and repairs, deck restoration and finishing, window replacement, siding and trim repairs/replacement. General groundskeeping and landscaping.


John is great – he really knows his stuff. I have given him lots of projects and he has never let me down.


I looked at it and it looks even better than I imagined. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea. We don’t have to be too worried about matching the paint since we plan to paint next year. I just primarily wanted to stop the water damage.

As usual, you have made us very happy! Thank you so much for your time and attention.



I started this business in early 2015 after retiring from a 35 year career in insurance claims. I had been repairing and remodeling just about all my life but it had always been projects in my own homes. My original business plan was to work a couple of days a week to supplement my fixed retirement income. My initial customers hired me for smaller projects but a couple of factors came together that changed everything. Most important was the quality of my workmanship and the high degree of satisfaction that all of my customers openly expressed. This built trust with these customers, who then recommended me to their friends and family. This grew my business in terms of the number of jobs that came my way.

Another factor was simple good timing. It is something of a cliche but sometimes “timing is everything.” At the time that I opened this business, the economy was finally solid enough for homeowners to feel more comfortable spending money on projects that had been delayed for the previous seven years. I began getting requests for much more extensive remodeling projects, ranging from major kitchen and bathroom remodels to complete basement remodels and updates from their original 1970 era conversions.

I still do smaller projects for new and existing customers but the scope of available services has greatly expanded and I welcome projects of almost any size.